Bullet Journal Addict

After about a six month hiatus, I started bullet journaling again! On the one hand I feel like it is a desperate attempt to squeeze more into my day than time will actually allow, on the other hand… I LOVE STICKERS!! And this is the perfect excuse to slap those bad beauties all the hell over the place.

Had a bad day? Poop emoji sticker.

Had a tough meeting? Inspirational message sticker.

Nailed it? Pirate sticker.

Oh yeah, you see where I’m going with this… I also add adult coloring pages because repetitious attention to detail alleviates anxiety, chore trackers because everyone loves a check mark, and all sorts of plots and schemes mostly centered around figuring out how to spend my day.

Every time I start a new journal it seems to manifest itself in a new way and this time I am tracking my bullets, of course, but also taking a more prose-ish approach in reflection of my day, what I did well and could do better, and expressing gratitude. It seems to be a good balance of being organized and getting some breathing time in.

So again, I love pens and stickers, love to doodle and write, and love having an outlet that can channel my flakey-ass OCD whenever it decides to show up. Bullet journaling gives me the perfect way to feel like I’m getting stuff done, while also offering me a fun mental break.

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