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Inspiration comes in many forms

Suffice it to say that I’m fully inspired and am spending my (recently increased) spare time getting things launched and working for my company, infsoln. The Task Tracker is nearly presentable and we’re starting marketing efforts, so I’d like to work on some more passive revenue streams that might provide ad space for it. After reading a couple of great articles on monetizing websites, I’m hoping we can supplement our gap with revenue leveraging new and old resources.

If you have the need, I recommend these articles as a good jumping-off point (maybe a little dated and some items are a little shady but otherwise inspiring): 33 Proven Ways To Monetize a Website (or a Blog) – and 8 Powerful Ways to Monetize a Blog That Generates Under 1,000 Visitors Per Day

So speaking of gap, I know it is rare but I do have some consulting availability! If anyone has short- or long-term projects please contact me – you can now find me on LinkedIn. I hope to begin posting some articles there soon. I did also recently join Alignable, but haven’t yet given it the attention it needs.

I’m also working on some more passive streams…  the website, and a couple of others, could be spiffed up and start generating some revenue. I plan to post my mis-adventures here, and hopefully my successes elsewhere (I’ll be sure to post those here, too lol)!

I have a to-do list a mile long in my bullet journal and I’m working through it, including creating a public github repo for ‘resume builder’ sample code for prospective clients to look at. Will have to check it to see what is next!


Bullet Journal Addict

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Late Bloomer

With summer in full swing I’m getting a late start on the flowers in our yard this year. Our vacation trip and then hail the last couple of weeks really got us behind. But the planters look adorable and the Yuccas finally bloomed for the first time (this is their third season).

I received the high compliment that the arrangements look California-inspired… Been tough getting back to the grind so maybe the change of scenery will help to ease me into it.


I remember reading a challenge in my 5-minute journal, “get rid of something that doesn’t bring you joy”.

And have had guidance from various places to “water your love garden”, and “water your lawn” (to make it greener).

I’m ready to jump right in – crazy leg first!

It’s time to finally cultivate all the hard work, collect the bits and pieces that are laying around and create some forward momentum.

The winds of change are a blowin’, girl… just gotta hang on tight!


Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas acrylic painting

Guided Painting

Blue Christmas acrylic paintings

Everyone’s personality shines through in their painting

Blue Christmas, from Painting with Jane on YouTube. Nice and easy to follow. We were all a little intimidated, but they all turned out beautifully.

Baby Love Bird

Baby Love Bird

Experimenting with silver glitter paint

Johnstown Lake

Johnstown Lake, Thanksgiving day 2017

Cherry Blossom Tree Holding the Moon

Our first attempt from the art Sherpa on YouTube