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Captain’s Blog

Since this is the Shoemaker’s Blog, I think it should be more bloggy!

Today’s adventures included working on the new Bootstrap look and feel for the AdWriter application site, and prepping for tonight’s launch. There were also a couple of minor support requests – one was a consult for a data import that is changing to a new feed provider who will no longer be sending xml. Another was a db lookup.

The launch items were mostly patch replacements, including several major updates to the API for NRT’s Listing Concierge system, adding support for a domain name under AdWriter’s restricted authentication scheme, and a new custom office division for theĀ Property Parade. Also the PAF form was updated, and the change log.

Besides AdWriter, today the team and I worked on the Task Tracker www site, upgrading it to SiteMinder 2.0 and we hashed out the start of a marketing plan in the infsoln wiki, and revisited pricing schemes and payment options for the Task Tracker application. I researched monetizing on the web and pretty much took a small breather to double check my priorities.

As far as FUN, Judi’s kids were over today, and Morgan from No Flash Ink sent over a rough draft for my next piece – so beautiful! Jim’s bday was yesterday, so getting ready for the party on Saturday. Fun filled weekend coming up!